pt-x 016 -(2012) / Release 12.12.2012

Peter Kunsek - A - clarinet, bass-clarinet

Uli Rennert - A - piano

Jan Roder - GER - double-bass

Uli Soyka - A - drums, toys 

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Composers as indicated

Recorded live 2011, March 22nd @ Cafè Kreuzberg / Vienna

Recorded by Reinhard Buchta

Mix / Mastering / Editing by Reinhard Buchta / Uli Soyka

Piano tuning by Guenter Langbein

Cover design by Uli Soyka

Artwork by Bettina Frenzel

Photos by Uli Soyka & Bettina Frenzel,

Produced by Uli Soyka ©+P 2012

Co-Producers: Peter Kunsek, Uli Rennert, Jan Roder


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+43 676 706 38 12 

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