pt-x 101 -(2005)

Wolfgang Schiftner (alto and tenor saxophone, vocals) Bernd Satzinger (double-bass, vocals) Herbert Pirker (drums, vocals)

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Special guests: Clemens 'bumpfi' Wenger (vocals on track 10) Christian Wendt (additional double-bass on track 8) recorded 12. - 14.1.2004 at wuk-vienna-austria / rec. an mixed by Werner Angerer / mastered by Martin Scheer produced by Wolfgang Schift
  Intro Kelomat---
  Da Rumpelt Die KartoffelSchiftner
  Up tenseMatija Schellander
  Wo is Mei Handy Part 1Kelomat
  Melancholie in Braeunlich-GruenWolfgang Schiftner
  Rhytmus fuer EsoterikerHerbert Pirker
  Duennpfiff SentimentalKelomat
  Bernds Bier / Wendtis PagoSchiftner
  Giant StepsColtrane
  Moderner Kaerntner VolkswaiseWolfgang Schiftner
  Al FunghiSchiftner
  Wookie Man's Shaved HeadSchiftner
  Hirschsalami Auf Dem Weg Zum MondSchiftner
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