pt-x 006 -(2004)

Uli Soyka (drums & percussion) Jose Maria Saluzzi (acoustic & electric guitar) Juan S. Garcia-Herreros (six string contrabass and keyboards) Gerri Schuller (add.keyboard @ track 9)

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recorded and mixed by Reinhard 'Wurzl' Buchta at Tonstudio Hafner (Ebreichsdorf, Austria) /mastered by Heinrich Schlaefer ( / grafik-design by Riwanto Megosinarso - / produced by Uli Soyka

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  She Became a Thousand BirdsJuan Garcia-Herreros
  Retrato de JuliaJose Saluzzi
  Funk OwlJuan Garcia-Herreros
  DetrasJose Saluzzi
  Waltzing ThroughUli Soyka
  Clouds of SandJuan Garcia-Herreros
  Impresiones IJose Saluzzi
  ...Y Amo a Su Hermano Hasta el FinDino Saluzzi
  Dark Clouds - Laughing FacesUli Soyka
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