pt-x 014 -(2012) / Release 12.12.2012

David Liebman - USA - saxophone, wooden flute

Ernst Reijseger - NL - violoncello

Georg Graewe - GER - piano

Henrik Hallberg - SWE - guitar

Wilbert De Joode - NL - double-bass

Uli Soyka - A - drums, toys, recorder 

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All Compositions by Liebman, Reijseger, Graewe, Hallberg, DeJoode, Soyka

Recorded live 2009, Dec 11th @ Porgy & Bess / Vienna @ Portrait "Uli Soyka"

Recorded by Reinhard Buchta

Mix / Mastering / Editing by Reinhard Buchta / Uli Soyka

Piano tuning by Guenter Langbein

Cover design by Uli Soyka

Artwork by Bettina Frenzel

Photos by Bettina Frenzel, www.frenzel.at

Produced by Uli Soyka ©+P 2012


financial Support by Raiffeisen NOE/Wien 


booking - contact:


+43 676 706 38 12

uli soyka 

  innere BefindlichkeitenLiebman,Reijseger,Graewe,Hallberg,DeJoode,Soyka
  wechselnde EntschlossenheitLiebman,Reijseger,Graewe,Hallberg,DeJoode,Soyka
  ...ein kurzer ZwischentraumLiebman,Reijseger,Graewe,Hallberg,DeJoode,Soyka
  Tages-Highlight und NormalitaetLiebman,Reijseger,Graewe,Hallberg,DeJoode,Soyka
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