pt-x 104 (2011) = LP / t.o.n. / Enzlberger - Hassfurther - Vavti
far east suite (by duke ellington)

Sophie Hassfurther - A - saxophone

Mario Vavti - A - trombone

Hannes Enzlberger - A - double-bass, arrangements 

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All Compositions by Bill Strayhorn and Duke Ellington exept by Duke Ellington

Recorded on 27th and 28th of November 2010 at Feedback Studios, Vienna (Austria). Mastered by Kassian Troyer, Berlin (Germany).

Sound Engineer: Oliver Brunbauer / Photography, Graphics & Layout by Johannes Novohradsky / Location at Pulse, Vienna (Austria) 


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Beim Kauf von beiden LPs  (Far East Suite + Lounge Musics) gilt ein Preis von EUR 35.-

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  side A / 1. tourist point of view 03:26bill strayhorn /duke ellington
  side A / 2. bluebird of dehli 03:02bill strayhorn /duke ellington
  side A / 3. isfahan 05:50bill strayhorn /duke ellington
  side A / 4. depk 03:46bill strayhorn /duke ellington
  side A / 5. mount harissa 04:54bill strayhorn /duke ellington
  side B / 1. blue pepper 04:26bill strayhorn /duke ellington
  side B / 2. agra 03:49bill strayhorn /duke ellington
  side B / 3. amad 03:29bill strayhorn /duke ellington
  side B / 4. ad lib on nippon 04:53duke ellington
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