tbr 001 -(2001)
Takon Orchester

N.Affentulidis/ R.Aichinger/ Ch.Gonsior/ L.Bekic/U.Drechsler/C.Pesendorfer/ P.Huber/M.Ohrwalder/A.Pranzl/F.Guetzer/ F.Pollak/M.Ptak/N.Opalka/V.Fuehrer/ A.Kuttenberger/E.Muhr/M.Mayerh./ H.Fallmann/A.haberl/ K.Sayer/O.Steger/M.Riedelsp/ H.Reisinger/U.Soyka/

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this album is dedicated to our accordeon player Norbert Opalka gestorben kurz vor cd-release / rec.@ tonstudio "HOERNIX" - 28.,29.8.2000 / rec.,mix&mastered by Bernhard Sodek / add.rec. by Paul Lechner / produced by Turkish Bath Records

  OuvertureMartin Ptak
  Takons r goodRay Aichinger
  R&B RevivalMartin Ptak
  Pent-a-WoogieMartin Ptak
  DreamJ. Mercer
  TrilogieMäx Mayerhorfer
  KrewdeskjaHeinz W. Fallmann
  In se mudGl. Miller arr. Ludwig Bekic
  A Space TributePtak - Mayerhofer
  Elefant's love suiteUli Soyka
  Jenseits von BrechreizMax Mayerhofer
  The FalldownMartin Ptak
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